Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hello World

Welcome to my new blog!

Not Sure how often I will make blog posts of my own, but at least it will be here if needed.

I am starting this to experiment with google's online gadgets, primarily to see how easy they are to integrate and customize.

I have been using google reader for about a year, and I am a big fan. I especially like the share link at the bottom of each article that makes it easy to share my favorite articles with my friends and colleagues. However I would prefer to give out just one URL that provides links and feeds to all my online stuff.

Which brings me to the other reason; to find a way to easily organize all the useful things I find online during the course of my day that are relevant to my work (Web/Mobile UI/UX Development) and to EASILY share them with my friends and colleagues.

Hopefully, it will prove to be easy to use, not interrupt my daily routine, and easy to find what I'm (or you are) looking for later.

I would like to be able to integrate and keep well organized (by tags if possible) all my favorite articles, tips and tricks, and bookmarks under one public site.

The first challenge that springs to mind to integrate, are my bookmarks, currently managed by xmarks... all the rest of my stuff is in one google app or another, so those should be easier :fingers-crossed:

NOTE: Xmarks turned out to be very easy to integrate as they have many sharing features built in... and I also noticed when I include the rss in my google reader, it includes all the tags I added via xmarks, cool!

Now if I can figure out how to integrate the tags into bloger, that would be awesome =)



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