Monday, November 15, 2010

CSS 3 Button Maker, Code Generator, and Gradient Designer

I just posted another update to this CSS 3 button tool I have been working on here... (9/2/2011)

Now it supports new, save, edit, and deletion of buttons, as well as being re-written again to incorporate the many things I have learned since starting with Dojo, a year ago. Wich has resulted in a much cleaner and more performant application.

When I first published this app in the spring of 2010, it's controls were written entirely in jQuery.

However, since I had started a new project that required Dojo, which I had never used before, I decided it would be good practice for me to rewrite it entirely in Dojo.

Now I feel that not only was it an excellent way for me to get up to speed with Dojo, but I was also able to craft a much more powerful application, due to the way Dojo encourages, and makes it easy to use custom classes, e.g. css3button (check the dom) which in turn makes it much easier to develop and manage more complex applications, as the classes are fully name-spaced, support inheritance, and packaging.

After working with Dojo for a year now, I highly recommend it to all my friends when they are looking  to develop any web based application. jQuery is great for one-offs, and adding functionality piece-meal to existing web sites, but when you need to actually build a web application, you need look no further than Dojo.

The gradient tool is something I had to code myself, since I didn't find an existing widget for it in the Dojo toolkit. Once I get it polished I will consider making it into a stand alone Dojo dijit that I can contribute back to the community, unless someone beats me too it (probably).

It also generates the CSS 3 code needed to add the button to your web page, simply by copy-n-paste.

I plan to add a share feature, so you can easily show it to others to get feed back on your own buttons.

Though this is still in beta(3), it has a lot of functionality, and should be pretty stable in Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. I hope to have the 1.0 version out around years end (this is something i can only work on in my free time). However please comment on any bugs you find here, as well as any suggestions, questions or comments you may have.

I will continue to update this post as I make updates to the app.



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